A lukewarm toast to ‘Star Wars’ toast

Since I’m a member of Generation X (yes, that does still exist), I get irrationally excited by every new “Star Wars” product that comes along.

Today I spotted a new “Star Wars” toaster at the drugstore. That was exciting. There’s so much potential there.

Could there be Vader toast? Yoda, with butter and jam? A cinnamon swirl stormtrooper? The Millennium Falcon? Leia with a side of bacon?

No, instead Disney’s toaster division decided to treat us to iconography reminiscent of the U.S.S.R. flag, the symbol for the Rebel Alliance, and the sign for the Galactic Empire.

(Such exciting military iconography could tempt us into rewatching “The Phantom Menace,” also known as that movie about the internecine details of the very slow proceedings of a fictional Senate.)

It looks like those of us who aren’t hardcore into the stark semi-fascist symbology of the George Lucas universe (and had to research it just to write this short article), will be eating normal old breakfasts, but still pining after a Bonne Maman apricot C-3PO-embossed tartine. 

What would you want to see on your “Star Wars” toast?

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